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Discover the urban art here at the SET.

Our street art murals were designed and painted by Patrick Oser, a graphic designer and artist from Basel. 

Patrick Oser has been rooted in the street art scene since the 90s. His interest in drawing and spraying first led him to a degree at the Basel School of Design and then to freelance work in his own graphic design studio.

He has been running the graphic design studio Fam.Former Grafik. together with Martin Wülser for 15 years now. As well as regular design work such as corporate design, event graphics, illustrations and web design, Fam.Former Grafik has also carried out various wall designs, including for the former “Nordstern” nightclub in Basel for example. 

The focus of his work is on people: Vivid portraits in acrylics, quick sketches of authentic figures, elaborately illustrated characters – a glance at the works reveals his passion and ability to depict figures. This is true of both his artistic work as well as in commissions he has worked on for customers.